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100% sourced in Normandy

We guarantee that all our animals are born, reared, fattened, killed and processed in Normandy

 A short, well-managed supply chain

Monsieur Blandin knows the breeders from whom he buys his animals: he selects the stock on the farm. Using local suppliers ensures short distances from farm to abattoir, thus reducing stress for the animals. La Chaiseronne then collects the carcasses for preparation on its own premises.

The short supply chain ensures control of product quality.

The ‘Normande'

Meat from the ‘Normande' breed is characterised by its unique marbling, thousands of tiny fatty filaments between the muscles.

Thanks to this marbling the meat is :

  • Tasty because the flavour is carried in the fat and not the muscle
  • Juicy because the fat melts during the cooking and spreads into the muscle

Traditional breeding

Our breeders follow the natural and traditional beef growing cycle :

  • Fed on pasture when the weather and grass allow,
  • A diet largely based on grass and cereals in fields or at the farm (silage, haylage, hay),
  • Females aged from 30 months to 7 years, as well as bullocks.

Barley flour

Much less energy-rich than other cereals, barley allows the rearing period to be increased on average by an additional three or four months, compared with standard pig rearing. This slow growth ensures tender, mellow and tasty meat with firmer fat.

From the start La Chaiseronne not only selected its breeders but also established with them a precise charter stipulating that the animals live in healthy surroundings, to a natural routine, fed on a diet made exclusively for La Chaiseronne.

This feed consists of 75% cereals, of which 65% is crushed barley, peas and vegetable oils, to which we add minerals, vitamins and trace elements essential to a balanced diet

Direct dealings with Norman breeders

  • Norman breeders and fatteners selected according to a strict policy.
  • Livestock well-being, concern for a healthy and natural environment.
  • Checks against animal stress problems from the farm to the abattoir to ensure tender meat.

Local and ‘Pré Salé' lamb

Local lamb in the grass-growing season and Pré Salé (salt-marsh) lamb in summer and autumn.

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